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A person that sits inside of a Starbucks and is there only to look intelligent or stylish.

These people are most likely pretentious hipsters who like to mouth off words that you don't even know (or maybe they don't even know) just to confuse you and broadcast their mental superiority. They also probably listen to NPR radio, only watch the news, is a vegetarian, and is a very eco-minded person.

How to spot a Starbuker:

After finishing their coffee they don't leave, they may have even fallen asleep.

This person may be holding, carrying, or wearing any of the following:

-Any Macintosh product
-A "classic" work of fiction
-A biography or documentary book of some sort
-Anything eco-friendly
-Chico or form fitting Pants
-A shirt or sweater made in a solid muted color, like burgandy, or olive green etc.
Jane is such a Starbucker; she will sit in the Starbucks lougne for 2 hours with her Macintosh laptop while listening to NPR radio.
by TechnoFan21 July 22, 2009
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