best after / book gc to ever exist , full of the funniest people from the “after series” fandom . everyone loves them. half of their mothers are named Lisa . #houseparty4lyfe
have you ever met the best people ever “ oh yea , that’s ressa stans
by bitchitsarianna March 14, 2022
Bang Chan stan is used by alpha males to not blow their covers of being alpha males
"Yeah, i'm a Bang Chan stan"
"Wait, so you're an alpha male in disguise?"
"Oh uh."
by AlexAlexAlex69025 April 9, 2022
Top tier CoMeDy name for a proper lad to have a with. Do not confuse with stab Schindler or Stan schingerlingerlinger.
I do love Sophie she’s a bit of a Stan Schindler.
by Top notch brit January 5, 2020