Scary. They never shut up about Nagito. They probably have Nagito painted on their walls and have tattooed him on their feet and throat.
Nagito stans: *walks into the room decked in head to toe in Nagito items*

Everyone else: seek therapy
by Light yagamis toes October 17, 2021
a person who admires kanao tsuyuri from demon slayer, they would normally call the character a girlboss or claim that she solos.
that girl who sits behind me is a kanao stan
by Kanao_latte October 15, 2022
iyanna, also known as nayeonsfavee on tiktok is proven as the #1 dahyun stan.
so while you're here searching for the #1 dahyun stan, it is nayeonsfavee.
by oejcndljfjfoejfkfodjdkf August 20, 2021
A very very very retarded group of people who stan the youtuber PoisonShocker aka Micro. Their brains are stuffed in with rocks which explains their lack of common sense.

2. Annoying assholes who rely on micro to deal with their dumb problems/arguments

E.g = "Did you just refuse to give me your godly??! I'm TELLING MICRO!
Bro this micro stan is driving me nuts.

Yeah, they are dumb as fuck
by monosu May 8, 2021
The nicest stan that has ever existed. The brightest side on stan twitter. Mostly tweets and defend about melanie. The only straight male crybaby in this universe. Always bring a justice on every stan fight. The mature one but still floping so hard
X : omg have you seen milo stan twitter? He always give a positivity vibes !
Y : yeah, thats very kind of him
by Taylor illicit affair November 22, 2020
a tiktoker with no life, they post genshin impact videos and have a Yae miko pfp
Person 1: hey! Have you seen your_local.venti._.stan?
Person 2:no? Why are you asking
Person 3:they’ve been banned from posting for 3 days
Person 1-2: 3 DAYS?
Person 3:yes, 3 days
by G3nshin impact February 12, 2022
When you stab someone but they never notice you so you go into depression.
“Omg I’ve been following WDW for 2 years and they still don’t follow me on IG. I’m going into Stan depression
by KassKohai January 15, 2018