A day that is celebrated by a small amount of people all over the world. The day is to horror a king.
Person-I'm going to celebrate Stan's Brithday.
by Mechell Obama January 7, 2022
They’re problematic hoes that don’t have any sleep routines
“you don’t wanna turn into bitches on stan twitter, they crazy yeeesh
by satansbible May 10, 2020
Bang Chan stan is used by alpha males to not blow their covers of being alpha males
"Yeah, i'm a Bang Chan stan"
"Wait, so you're an alpha male in disguise?"
"Oh uh."
by AlexAlexAlex69025 April 9, 2022
a person who is basically gone insane and lost their braincells.
worst people in the whole entire world and they think are the shit when their whole personality is from tiktok

so don't be friends with meowbahh stans your just risking your life to be bullied by millions of people who hate meowbahh just like me !
dumb: I'm officially a meowbahh stan!
smart: And i'm officially not your friend anymore!
by ISpeakDaFaxs August 26, 2022
ugly ass boys that only focus on her body or ugly ass girls who overestimate her
“man i hate hinata stans”

whats are hinata stans”
a bunch of dumbasses
by NVSRAT September 5, 2021
A person who falls asleep in the middle of the road or fighting, and named their pets the obvious
“Oh man I just survival stanned
What’d you do?”
I fell asleep driving”

“Oh cute your dog is adorable what’s it’s name?”
“It’s name is dog
“Seriously Stan? -.-“
by Bdoqueen August 18, 2019
Top tier CoMeDy name for a proper lad to have a with. Do not confuse with stab Schindler or Stan schingerlingerlinger.
I do love Sophie she’s a bit of a Stan Schindler.
by Top notch brit January 5, 2020