term for the guy who brings the booze to the party......
Paul was the designated St. Bernard for the Super Bowl party.
by sheila in the car January 1, 2011
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Noble beast, known for saving men from avalanches and giving excellent legal advice.
“As your attorney, I advise you to accept the plea bargain. My fee is twenty pounds of Eukanuba.” —A St. Bernard.
by IkevlarI April 16, 2010
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A company that sells the St. Bernard iPrism software to schools and companies. This iPrism software is the main reason why you can't go on the fun web sites like games if you are at work or at school. Sometimes that iPrism software blocks web sites that shouldn't even been blocked in the first place. View and hated by many as schools and companies way of censoring the web.
(Insert name of school) High School's St. Bernard iPrism software just blocked urbandictionary.com today because of (profanity, entertainment).
by Silent Greg May 1, 2004
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"Being St. Bernarded" is a verb used to describe the act of attempting to access a website that is blocked by St. Bernard. It is also used as an adjective referring to said website.
"Aww hell, I've just been St. Bernarded!"

"Dude, you totally just got St. Bernarded."

"Way to send me a survey that's St. Bernarded, ya jackass."
by Race February 17, 2005
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When two people are making out and come apart for air and their sticky slimy slobber stays stuck together and they suck it right back in after getting air.
Someone needs to throw ice on the two St. Bernarding over there. Ewww gross did you see them suck their slobber back in?
by The Pineapple Gang February 5, 2019
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Okay, so everyone is saying we are preppy girls and dudes who live off of Daddy's money. But some of us actually work hard to get the good grades to get into that school!

Okay, so some of us have been there since PRE-K and are so stupid they don't deserve to be there. There are so many other kids who would love to get in!
Gil St. Bernard's is a school for the people who are smart enough to be able to get in. It has about 72 acres and many resources. Stop hatin on us!!
Gill St. Bernard's School has some pretty smart students.
by peopleperson101 December 24, 2011
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St. Bernard's School is one of the most prestigious prep schools in New York City. St. Bernard's is one of the most rigorous and challenging schools in New York City, and has a fantastic high school placement, sending students to such schools as Andover, Deerfield, Trinity, Hotchkiss, Dalton, Taft, Riverdale, Lawrenceville, and St. George's. The school also has a fantastic sports program, besting other private schools such as Buckley, Saint David's, Collegiate, Trinity, and Allen Stevenson. With a dedicated and hardworking staff, St. Bernard's is a unique and fantastic school giving many kids of diverse backrounds a great education.
St. Bernard's School
by jehminer August 10, 2009
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