A word used to describe a massive overflow of fences or diarrhea after eating spicy meat most commonly associated with BBQ. An excessive amount of meaty poop exploding from the anus.
Man I’m pretty sure I’ll have the Squints after eating all this BBQ.
by Mr.ThatGuy August 25, 2018
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An upset stomach that may or may not lead to diarrhea or vomiting.
I sure have the squints after eating that giant bowl of chili.
by Sir Desmond Ginger Fur February 13, 2009
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Another word to describe what your anus looks like: An eye squinting.
That ginger haired guy must have a ginger squint.
Show us your squint.
by hamlae September 16, 2009
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A drinking game that involves sticking coins (quarters, dimes, nickels, pennies) in the crack of your butt. The object of the game is to walk 10 - 100 feet to shot glass without releasing the coin(s) from your ass, and then deposit the coin(s) in the glass without using your hands.
Every Thanksgiving my family gets plastered and holds a drinking game triathalon. The final and most challenging event is squint
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The level one is at after getting lank fucked, usually off booze and bong, and is struggling to keep his eyes from squinting.
"Fuck bru, last night we got so fucked and after that joint I was squinting so hard. But you were also lank squint bru.
by Rob Michaels May 07, 2006
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When a player tries extra hard in an online video game to win, especially when that effort is not matched by the opposing team. Characterised by the player putting their their head extra close to the computer monitor and therefore having to squint to see what is on screen.
all-chat: when you squint to win
team chat: yea i know right lmao
by 1Head May 30, 2019
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