A term used in the show Rick and Morty. It is code for male masturbation.
Friend: Hey, you coming to see-
Friend: I am so sorry! Forgive me!
by AbbeyRoad9242 October 08, 2016
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A form of alien dance where one partner sticks the equivalent of its head into the other two partners' rectums (must be two different rectum equivalents) and all three spin around in unison for 8 glee kiang time frames without punching the gnarlegar hard enough to hurlginthug brogirl.
Have you ever seen two hurlags and a bux bavore squanching? It's more beautiful than a sixbin bopilgaaz!
by Richard Wagner III July 21, 2014
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A form of eating you food with your mouth open. Making loud noise. Crunching, smacking.
Stop squanching your food, it annoying and to loud!
by Midn July 30, 2017
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