The act of hanging yourself and masturbating at the same time. It is also contextual.
1. Have a Squanch-tastic time!
2. I'm going to squanch over and squanch in that closet.
3. "I squanch my whole family!" ( DO NOT USE IN THIS WAY)
by 50CABBAGES November 4, 2015
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A word that can be used for any other word,like a place holder.
Man that was a squanch move.
by Troy R October 23, 2007
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A cluster of food trailers. Similar to a pod of dolphins or flock of birds. Squanch only refers to multiple food trailers in a group.
The new thai food trailer in that squanch is really good!
by Harry Scrotz December 27, 2013
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The squanch is the mascot of Tetazoo, a residence hall in East Campus of MIT. It was reportedly created out of a long ago acid trip that went right. It is roughly the shape of a coat hanger, and is always seen holding a single bent flower and a sign proclaiming 'Hackito Ergo Sum'
Person 1: What type of dog did James E. Tetazoo have?

Person 2: It's a squanch!
by MWMWM March 5, 2010
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1. To squish or resize something or someone so that proportions are skewed
2. an adjective describing something or someone that has been squanched
I squanched this picture of Ed Sheeran.
Do you like squanch Ed Sheeran?
Get squanched.
by squanchsupreme June 18, 2020
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To steal or act of stealing "squanch". someone who bums aorund other peoples places of residence unwantedly, eating their food and smoking their weed.
That mother fucker squanched our nuggets.
The guy on the couch is a squanch
by nugget master March 7, 2008
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-Another term for meh, except much better.
Hey do you want to go out to eat at Bombay Sitar tonight?:
by C Kuds May 12, 2005
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