The action of bitching or to proceed in an overly exsecive bitchy manor
guy1: you comin out tonight with the boys
guy2: naw man i can't my broad keeps squaking at me to clean the house, maybe some other time
guy1: you're whipped man
by MalkieDunks January 5, 2011
Hey do you see that Squak over there? Her name is Tamara Paz, I heard she gives it up mad easily!
by ETorresGuy July 8, 2011
I pulled down her panties to get a closer look at the "squak"
by Vegas March 23, 2003
A loud bird noise sometimes made during sex.
"Man, when she squaked, it was over."
by Kiwi Grapes July 9, 2018
A slang word for having recieved sexual acts from a lesbian.
Eve: I squaked you so hard your face fell off due to your intense pleasure.

Myah: .....O RLLY?!
by TobinLsbeeotchs June 28, 2011
When you propose a handshake to someone but miss their hand and proceed to crawl your hands up their arm and bitch slap them in the face
Person 1: *talks crap*
Person 2: shut up for I squak yo ass
by Squakster19 October 6, 2014
5 individuals with intense style and humour

Fear them.
Often seen repping the same hoodies and/or sweatshirts.
"Yo dude, those guys are such a Squake"
"Duuuuuuudeeeee, you're like the Breakfast club... but Squake"
by LOLLLYYPOP100101 October 24, 2016