A Paz is typically very attractive, and they know it. They are confident in themself, not afraid to speak their mind, and genuinely don't give a crap about what you or the world thinks of them. They tend to be cold, critically analytical, stubborn, rebellious, and short-tempered. However, they also have a soft side, and you're very lucky if they show it around you. A Paz is very creative, bold, eccentric, intelligent, artistic, and witty. They are talented in the arts even though they don't think so. A Paz is one of the best friends you could ever have. They are extremely passionate and loyal and they will stand up for you no matter what. They try hard to give you space and not be clingy, but sometimes they unintentionally shut you out. However, they will always be there when you need them most.
"Hey, did you see that kid?"
"Yeah, they didn't exactly copy the picture in art class."
"So? I think it looks better than the one we were supposed to do."
"What was their name anyway?"
"Paz, duh."
by undertalequalslife October 17, 2018
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The literal embodiment of idc. She doesn’t care about what other think and will always do things her way, the Paz way. She won’t hesitate to say what’s on her mind and is very blunt.
by Roachesssssssss April 11, 2019
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A godlike persona achieved by a human cartoon character.

A personality disorder with abilities and creation of gadgets that can be brought about by alcohol, drugs, and laughter.

Paz was wylin out from drinking and smoking.

Chris: Yo Paz! u wanna hit this?

by Quiero Paz? August 12, 2008
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one word to describe her=charming,but that's where it gets dangerous.she is passionate.the kind of passionate you meet once in a life time.she knows how to make people feel special and when you talk to her it just feels like it's just the two of you even if you're hanging out with other people.she always knows how to make people laugh.in fact if you're trying to get with her the main thing is making her laugh.she likes keeping things light and fun and moves on rather fast as she is always on the run.but if she REALLY likes you she will stick around.if she does remember she doses't say it but you're her world.she is impulsive and will always take a leap for chance.that's what makes her rather charming,her carelessness and YOLO attitude towards life.if you have one in your life don't screw things up, because she will DROP you without hesitating. she is the shit and she knows it.she likes to pretend like she is all tough but if you get to know her she is the opposite and just a big mushy mush of love.that's why she gives the best hugs, she just makes you feel like it's only the two of you. even though she is careless she has this deep and philosophical side to her and going on a deep conversation with a paz has to be the world's eight wonder.don't turn your back on her or take advantage of her if she cares about you, (because if she doses't care about you she won't even have time for you) she won't just drop you.she will go pure EVIL,i'm talking the mean and manipulative evil.
girl: i love haning out with paz, she is so careless and just fun to be around.
guy: same, she is so charming
girl: facts
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A girl who really likes to eat . She usually dances while eating . Crazy thing....
She eats like a paz
by Yaaaaaawwwwww June 14, 2019
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Wow paz can sure make some great toasts!
by Jack Layton April 1, 2011
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