A member of the armed forces who thinks he's the "Gods gift to women".

Unfortunately found everywhere.

Also Squaddy and Squaddy
"Our Jon is a Squady"
by Anonymous May 24, 2003
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A group of friends or people that you only play Squad with on Steam.
Yo Archie, you playing with your Squadies again on discord?
by Ardwen March 23, 2022
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a low ranking soldier in the armed forces,
often seen (paraletic drunk) hanging around kebab houses and childrens parks after dark on fridays and saturday nights looking for a young girl to mate with...
i hate fuckin squadies!!

squadies are scum!!

i went to the pub, i drunk 10 pints, i went home and beat my wife, coz im a northen bastard!! (song often used against squadies)
by bordon boi February 28, 2005
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a quick spray of lynx instead of a proper wash
you ready to go , al just have a quick squady wash
by bigjoe84 October 19, 2009
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Low ranking member of the British army, equivilent to the American word grunt.
Lock up your daughters, the squaddies are in town tognight!
by Blue Cawdrey November 21, 2004
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dirty old slapper do anything for a wkd...
oh dear you're a squady basher!
by macca4lyf March 23, 2011
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