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n. a person or thing designed or trained to infiltrate or extract information from a normally impenetrable source, usually while disguising themselves to evade capture.

v. to secretly watch an operation unnoticed; to act like a spy.
James Bond is one bad-ass spy; this is a private conversation, stop spying on us; we're sending in our top spies to gather information.
by Adam Black July 18, 2003

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One half of the famous crime-fighting team from the 70's TV world.
Did you see Starsky and Hutch last night? It was great.
by Adam Black November 05, 2003

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A kick-ass heavy rock band from Ft. Walton Beach Florida.
Did you see that show last night where Marcera left the crowd in awe and every woman's panties wet?
by Adam Black May 03, 2005

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What the seemingly Australian children's pop band the Star Girls are.
The STAR GIRLS will take you on a fantasmagorical nonstop interactive cosmic adventure filled with fun & excitement
by Adam Black July 18, 2003

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