When it's cold as hell outside, but there's still shit on the trees.
Technically the Spring Equinox passed, but it's still cold, so we're in Sprinter.
by BulldogBill April 10, 2018
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The combination of Spring and Winter often experienced the New England area of the United States.
It's a lovely sprinter we're having, what with a nice snow flurry in the morning topped with a rainstorm in the noon.
by UnspokenTruth April 04, 2016
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A term my friend Tim uses for tits of size B and under that are "like, firm, ya know" and stay put when a girl runs.
"That chick has huge jugs."
"That's too much for me man. I'm into sprinters."
by Tim's "Friend" November 17, 2017
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A name for people who sprint through each level in L4D2 to the safe room.
"Have you heard of Nikki, Sean, and Noah?"
"You mean the Sprinters?"
"Of course! I wish i could sprint like them!"
by Nikki xD February 06, 2010
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A short season in Saskatchewan that happens during April. It consists of warm temperatures one week only to be followed by below zero temperatures and large amounts of blowing snow.
I can't take anymore of this Sprinter. I wish summer would arrive already.
by Macbeth42 May 03, 2005
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Toyota AE86 - Corolla Levin & Trueno.
A well over rated RWD Toyota Corolla, made popular by the Initial D japanimation.
Powered by either a 4AC or 4AGE, in stock form they are really just a shopping trolley. Although most Initial D wannabe's claim the car is gods gift to drifting.
I am teh dorifto king in my sprintah!!!!11
by Takumi April 28, 2005
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