So are you setting up your Silvia for Dorifto?
by RobertP January 2, 2006
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A usually derogotory term used to describe import "drift" racers.
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A hella badass inertia drift, made by professional drivers and street racers. The phrase is largely associated with the first episode of the popular anime Initial D, where the phrase spawned.
by Nitrocidic_UB June 15, 2017
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Originally mentioned in the anime series Initial D as a fast turning technique, see drift.
In recent years it turned into a theme for meme videos that combine eurobeat songs and footages of any of the following:
1. Kinetic friction
2. Tranversal displacement
3. High velocity
-N'nani, kkkkansei dorifto!!!???
by fsguzi March 4, 2019
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Bunch of n00bs with gay skins, suck at english and life.
Kei says : Jajaja. We are dorifto kids, we pwn nothing but nubs lol. my englush suxck?
by Crash Bandicoot November 10, 2006
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