A sheet, towel or other linen laid out over existing bed linens or over carpeting for the purpose of have sex and to protect the underlying fabrics from sexual fluid stains.
Maggie refused to have sex and risk squirting all over her Sferra Milos Sheet Set so she made her husband go to Walmart to by a spreadsheet.
by Eaton Holgoode November 19, 2015
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An activity or game that is strangely compelling despite involving large amounts of number reading, calculations and thinking with relatively little visual stimulation. Thus, it is comparable to spreadsheets, a form of data collection.
"I've been playing a strategy game on my PC a lot recently. It's totally a spreadsheet but I'm having loads of fun with it."
by BeforeJam April 05, 2015
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To input data into a spreadsheet from a non-standard data format. Typically used when exporting data from an e-mail inbox, so that further actions may be taken on the information.
John was overwhelmed by all of the data that had come in to him via numerous individual e-mails, until he realized he could spreadsheetize the e-mails and save himself an hour of processing work. John was very pleased with his spreadsheetizing abilities and his boss gave him a big raise!
by N. N. January 07, 2008
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A spreadsheet a financial program that was created in the 1980s and quickly became a killer app. A spreadsheet is like a calculator on steroids. Not only can it perform basic mathematical computations but, you can create formulas within the spreadsheet and link the numbers together.

The magical part of a spreadsheet is that when you make a change to one number in the spreadsheet, you can see instantly how it affects the other number(s) on the sheet. In a sense, you can simulate the outcome of a math equation, your money, or anything else that deals with numbers before you actually do it in rl. It is an amazing application.
Lotus 1-2-3, Microsost Excel, Visicalc are all spreadsheets with Visicalc being the granddaddy of them all
by BMoney June 01, 2006
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The act of spreading one's naked body out on the sheets, preferably with one of the opposite sex.

Tenses: spreadsheet (future), spreadsheeting (present), spreadshat (past)
Past tense example: "I spreadshat the shit outta that ass"

Present tense example: "I can't believe we are finally spreadsheeting!"

Future tense example: "I can't wait to spreadsheet that dude this weekend!"
by The Universers February 22, 2014
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It is said of a homosexual man who really loves NSA sex with one, two or lots of men. Mostly, but not always, a bottom gay.
Expression comes from Argentina, where it is an habit for some gays to go to Brazil and have sex with as many dudes as possible, then ''fill Excel spreadsheets with the dicks they ate''.
''He's a totally spreadsheeter; look how the bitch is counting all the guys who fucked him''.
by dantelicious July 11, 2009
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An entrepreneur who falsely believes, based on his own naive financial projections, that he will get rich.
Did you see Bob's stupid new business plan? The guy is a spreadsheet tycoon.
by Ho Sun Yan August 15, 2008
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