In competitive forensics, to spread is to speak very quickly, esp. in debate rounds.
Jeff: Could you understand what that debater was saying?
Diana: No, he was spreading too quickly.
by bitterspice May 30, 2005
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A combination of ramen Noodles, chili cheese fritos, and hot cheetos, loved by all inmates of the adams county detention center in Adams County, CO.
Convict #1 You got any chili fritos?
Convict #2 Yeah
Convict Lets combine our shit to make a spread
by Beat Jackin December 05, 2007
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to go out a lot and spend a lot of money for drinks (usually cash).
- Hey man, keen for some drinks tonight?
- Yeah dude, let's spread!
by mahar December 29, 2011
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describes someone who is attractive or good-looking, someone who is hot, fit etc etc. originated from the word butters or butterz, which describes someone who is considered ugly and/or rough.
"that bands drummer is so damn spread"
"man your mum was looking spread last night"
by jessthough January 21, 2008
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A soup-like mixture of old food (or just random food) mixed in a garbage bag by adding hot water in prison.
Can I get some more hot water for my spread?
by prunedale mom November 17, 2006
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The scatter profile of a chromosome karyotype on a microscopic slide. Well spread chromosomes enable the karyologist to count and pair the chromosomes, and classify the organism to species level.
Bob: I was looking at your karyotype slides. I must say you got pretty good spreads.
Jane: Thanks, I dropped the cells from two feet up!
Bob: As they say, "Happiness is a good spread," I hope you get good G-banded karyotypes.
by A Kumirai October 05, 2006
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