An evil indulgence causing bank accounts to suffer.

ha i was right kristen
To splurge is evil to bank accounts.
by fruity April 01, 2006
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when u go a long time without masterbating and u sit next to a fine ass chick in class and u cum in your pants
Holy shit dude the new girl was so fine that i splurged all over my pants
by hatedforsex April 10, 2007
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1. having sex or being/acting like a hoe

2. baggin' or get to know someone

3. go out & do you
1. that bitch was splurgin at that party on Friday

2. Boy - i'm tryna splurge tonight

3. Girl - me & my boyfriend broke up! i'm splurgin tonight
by xkimberlee June 09, 2009
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To Sleep with a partner or friend with no care to where limbs are placed! The occasional slap on the face or knock on genetalia is common. Similar to sprawl however people often sprawl on their own and wiv splurging deliberate contact may occur!
Geoff: are we going to spoon tonight?
Gary: No!
Geoff: So we are sporking
Gary: Nah tonight i feel i want to splurge
by jBridget9 August 10, 2008
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to let go sweet sticky cum*
to let the moo juice spill
to let the splurge spill in yea womens mouth and/or down the breasts..(enjoying and pain staking)
i let out a splurge and got biatch slapped
by bob hastle February 15, 2004
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