So drunk that you can't do anything but lay down flat on your back with your arms spread out to your sides
Homie drunk too much and splayed right in the middle of the living room.
by Ej October 12, 2014
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verb: the act of opening ones steak sized labia in order to attract a mate
the act of coitus

noun: food item that is generally messy
verb: damn, that bitch had her cooter splayed out like an open-faced sandwhich!
she splayed for me on prom night!

yeah dude, my mom made this awesome splay...i think she said it was some sort of alfredo.
by shawne March 02, 2004
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A common exercise used by rowers for training. Beginning in a standing position, on the word " splay " one drops to the ground extending all fours and then on the count of "two, three, four" one returns to the original upright position. This is then repeated the desired number of times.

This technique is also commonly used as a sexual ritual between rowing partners.
"Hey man, that rower girl you were with last night was HOT!!! How did you tap that?!"

"Yeah i know, all i did was a couple of 'splay 2,3,4's and she was mine bruv"

by rower234 October 15, 2009
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A rip-off of display, which, in turn, is somewhat of a rip-off of "represent".
Stand up for yourselves and 'splay homies.
by Splay-o-nater June 16, 2006
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This thing is a tree in computer science. It is so fking troublesome and messed with ur brain everytime u tried to code it.

Moreover, it appeared multiple in the National Olympiad in informatics so it becomes more shitty.

Hence, this phrase can be used to describe how messy someone/something is
Daniel: Hey look! the first problem of NOI 2007 day 2 is a splay tree problem.
Brian: WTF!!! I'm definitely not doing that
by just a bad OIer August 27, 2018
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