1. While using the bathroom, water splashes up from the toilet bowl and hits you in the butt.

2. Injury caused by being in the blast radius of a weapon like the BFG9000 or a rocket launcher.
1. Japanese toilets may be odd, but they cut down on splash damage.

2. Player1 discovered splash damage.
by Player 1 April 13, 2006
When taking a crap the water in the toilet splashes up striking your anus or your biffins bridge
You better pray you dont get plash damage if your taking a dump in a chemical loo
by Biffin April 8, 2004
Damage caused in some MMORPGs and strategy games (Warcraft III) Where the attack does damage to one unit and then veers off, hitting other nearby units.
My catapult's massive splash damage just 0wned your infantry rush.
by Jonathan Maas April 25, 2005
I was in a three way and I accidentially did some splash damage to the other guy
by Whocan April 12, 2005
When pain has been inflicted on an individual to such an extent that surrounding by-standers can't help but sympathize with the victim.
Bob: So I heard Steve got kicked in the balls by his girlfriend.

Tom: Fuck ya, I was there, every dude in the class room including our teacher suffered major splash damage.
by BlazeRaider May 17, 2009
When you are taking a shit, and the urine contaminated toilet water from the last person flies up straight into your ass hole before it has time to close.
Samuel was taking a shit at the McDonals on Castro street in San Francisco but he forgot to protect himself from splash damage and now he has aids in his rectum.
by KablamoBill April 20, 2012
the damn negro beaver splash damged me while i was walking to lipinskis
by oakville thugz May 1, 2005