A white person that has culture
ex. Italian, Balkin, Portuguese
Is she white?

Yes, but she is spicy white.
Where is she from?
by snathan05 October 01, 2019
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Someone who is white skinned/is predominantly of European ancestry but isn't a WASP. Comes from distinct cultures separate from Northern Europe, i.e. (white) Hispanics, Spaniards, Italians, Greeks, etc. Overlaps with Mediterranean people but not all spicy whites are Mediterraneans (i.e. the Balkans).
Person 1: Hey where are you from?
Person 2: I'm spicy white. My parents are white Puerto Ricans.
by TheAuthorLives July 08, 2020
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A white person born in Latin America. A spicy white is of european descent (looks white) but also has the "latin american culture".
Remember mean girls? The "why are you white?" Line? Well, it kinda applies. Many women in the miss universe competition are white but represent Latin American countries, these women are "spicy white"
by Queerwoc June 03, 2017
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A Caucasian person whose origin is not of America, but of Europe. Likely to be of Eastern European descent.
Rita Ora isn't White White, she's like... Spicy White.
by DeeDeeMartian November 03, 2017
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Someone who is spicy white is basically anyone who is European. Italian, German, Greek, French, Swedish, Spanish, etc...
Is Kai spicy white?

Yeah he’s from Europe
by young.demo August 16, 2020
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