She is only famous because of her concerts where she wears low-cut shirts that later cause the media to talk about her "nip slip" that happened at the concert. If she wasn't such a slut, she wouldn't be famous. She is also a bit overweight, and needs to loose that weight.
Stupid Person- "OMG I love Rita Ora!"
by Bluejeans March 24, 2013
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Have you seen that Rita Ora chick? shes really hot and is a great singer.
by Noob M a s t e r 6 9 May 8, 2019
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A Rita Ora is someone who shows up to many events where they do not belong, or are unwanted.
Anna Kendrick is becoming a Rita Ora, she keeps going to the Grammys even though Pitch Perfect was years ago.
by Destroydadsneakers February 17, 2019
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hey its that kosovan chick!
that what?
she from rita ora land
by jasquanda February 26, 2013
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a british kosovan singer that tries to be the duplicate of rihanna
i searched for rihanna, what the fuck is rita ora?
by jasquanda February 26, 2013
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The kindest and cutest soul ever. She is so sweet the biggest animal lover and does so much for her family. She is so hot and cute and pretty and deserves the world because she is the best singer and is so sweet.
I love Ritapita
means how much i love rita ora
by iloveritaora November 30, 2021
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