The expressive state illustrating the inebriation of a person after excessive physical activity, substance consumption and/or sleep depravation.
Jermaine: Bro I just got back from town...
Max: Bro it's tuesday, you went out on friday...?
Jermaine: Yeah bro, Rata had the meanest 'glass', haven't been to sleep yet. I'm spent.
Max: Bro, you're spent as!
Jermaine: I'm heaps spent!
by Professor Spendser August 23, 2008
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Damn Brian, how can you be spent in 5 motherfuckin seconds?
by Notadrood April 01, 2003
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The after result of smoking all the marijuana in usually a bowl so all that remains is just ash. Same as cashed.
Hey man, this bowl is spent.
by Khel January 16, 2004
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Dodging planned plans, canceling without giving the other persons acknowledgement.
He asked me to chill I said yeah but when he called I spent him & didn’t even answer.
by RoseB detroitSlang January 08, 2018
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Past-tense for "spend"
I wanted to spend some money, but I remembered that I spent it on Cindy.

i spent the money on cindy, so i couldnt spend it.
by Taiksays April 28, 2007
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When that idiot at the party is pretending to drink, but some how or another you see them spilling there drink at every chance they get.
Derek spent his whole beer out, when he thougth no one was looking.
by Awilson339 February 09, 2008
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