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A creature similar to a liar bird. It mimmicks the black-rap jiggy stylings of artists such as Tupac in an attempt to convince casual observers it is in fact a gangsta.

The Lithios can be spotted by its love of girly beer (namely Corona) and its overuse of the word "Yo".

The Lithios can be extremely dangerous when threatened or when the suggestion is made that he is not in fact a gangsta and only just a wigga. Approach with extreme caution.
Take off that track suit, turn off that music, and stop being such a Lithios.
by Khel May 14, 2003

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The after result of smoking all the marijuana in usually a bowl so all that remains is just ash. Same as cashed.
Hey man, this bowl is spent.
by Khel January 16, 2004

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Fag ass mofo
That dais sure is one fag ass mofo
by Khel January 12, 2004

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