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To say your friends awesome ideas where you will probably get hurt are childish and stupid even though they are epic.
"This lawnmower go kart is gonna be awesome". "That's stupid your wasting money and your going to kill yourself" "stop spencering our idea"
by #stopspencers2k16 October 05, 2016
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The act of matching with someone on an online dating service (such as tinder) for the purpose of degrading them to the point where they begin to doubt the value of their own existence.
"I've been spencering this guy so hard, he's getting so desperate"
by purplemusicman May 11, 2015
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When you call/text a guy name Spencer and he looks at the phone and ignores it. Then doesn’t call you back for another day.
by KittyKatt69 May 18, 2018
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