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Hmm, there's so much to say about Spencer. First off, he's a cutie. He's tall with a beautiful smile :). And then, Spencer is nice, if you're on his good side. If you're on his good side; he'll treat you like a true homie, help you with your problems, and keep your secrets. If not; you're probably going to get bitched out 98 percent of the time. But, being on Spencer's good side is so worth all the amazing things he does. Spencer loves to party and be around his friends, and they love to be around him, too. Everyone loves to be around Spencer; he knows how to make everyone laugh and his smile will have you awe-struck. He's good at everything he does; sports, girls/relationships, keepin' up with the good looks, and friends. It's easy to trust him & he'll keep your secrets. Spencer is an all around great guy, and great person. Get to know him:).
Everyone that knows a Spencer:"Spencer :) is amazing."
by hisbestfriendd:) July 05, 2010
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