a hellish store in the mall, which specializes in selling "cool" merchandize, namely to young adults ages 18-24. also a company that will do whatever it can to metaphorically take a dump on your chest if you work there(don't). boatloads of stupid questions, asshole-ish people, teenagers stealing, little kids screaming, crowded stores, shipments too large to find room for everything, psychotic upper managemnt people who yell at you if the store isn't pulling in enough cash...yet refuse to reward you if sales are in the plus side, thousands of things with the phrase "try me" on them, which will quite literally drive you insane, "secret shoppers", etc. etc. everyone wants to work here because they "think it will be fun" trust me, it gets old fast. they promise you raises and promotions you will never see unless you intend to make a career out of retail. they never pay people what they are worth. everyone is taken advantage of.
spencers can blow me

i need a new job
by Jake L. December 16, 2006
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Spencer can be a boy or girl name, more commonly for a boy and they are usually intelligent, compassionate and can be aggressive but always have good intentions.
Spencer is so smart and sweet
via giphy
by KittyKat26 June 05, 2016
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A cool store that has some nice accesories and um stuff for adults who want to do certain...things.
Hey that dildo at Spencers is on sale.
by Eric December 29, 2004
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A awesome store that sells some naughty things for adults...but sells the best stuff for -teenagers- I personally think that it is stupid when parents bring their little 5 and 6 year olds into this store!
Spencers has Happy Bunny, David and Goliath, wristbands, and lots of stuff suitable for -teenagers
by Caitlin February 20, 2005
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a mostly r to x rated store, found at the mall, which also has a variety of other things... such as belts, chains, some stuff from hot topic, happy bunny items, T-shirts, drumsticks, weird crystal balls, glow in the dark shit, etc.

not a great store to take ur 10 year old kid to
guy: lets go to spencers to buy some flavored condoms
g/f: yea... lets...

some kid: hey, lets go to get those awesomely cool led zepplin drumsticks from spencers...
other kid: no way, the guns and roses drumsticks are better...
by just some girl March 25, 2005
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An awesome kid who dominates everyone. Described as God or the Almighty King. Extremely good looking and very smart. In great shape, and can beat up anyone. Average 6 foot, 180 lbs. Someone you do not want to mess with.
"Who is the kid that beat Chuck Norris in a fight?"

"I heard that someone hit a 590 ft. home-run?
-O yea, it was Spencer.

"Did you hear that Spencer swam across the Pacific Ocean?"
-Yea I heard. He also just won the Nobel Peace Prize.
by BigDigg June 05, 2009
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A store that sells f---d up merchandise. Not a store to take small children to.
I love Spencers. I buy all my keychains and magnets from Spencers.
by Saints July 15, 2004
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