A guy whom is very caring even tho he doesn't really show it. He's not a good texter but better in person. He knows what's best for you and helps you by his past experience's. He seems like an ass but you gotta know him to see he's not.
He was so Spencer today.
Spencer just saved a girls heart!
by Hiiiiibae July 07, 2014
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A male with an extremely large penis. Very sarcastic and funny. Usually has sex every night, as Spencers are incredibly horny yet attractive creatures.
"Man, did you hear about what Spencer did with Lola last night?"

"Yeah dude...they had sex. Wait doesn't Spencer have sex every night?"
by Taylorissocooool February 25, 2010
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a guy who pees in hampers instead of toilets when he's drunk.
Girl, show him the toilet before he pulls a Spencer.
by ladyg2 June 16, 2011
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A crazy spaztastic lunatic with greasy hair, often found shredding on his guitar.
by Drake Jackson October 11, 2006
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A hunk of a man who never shaves.
Incredibly hairy

Also resembles the leader of the Nazi party.
Woah is that guys name Spencer?
Why would you think that?
He looks like a nazi and is soooo hairy!
by Mr bomber preet sidhu November 21, 2018
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