n. A Spencer is a girl you'd love to have as a girlfriend. She is sweet, loyal, and respectful. Sh's not afraid to be himself and he encourages you to break out of your shell when you're with her too. Shes a girl that you immediately are interested in, just with looks, they make you wonder and want to start talking to her. The minute you start talking to her you're glad you did, shes everything that anyone could ever want. She's fun and outgoing, yet so sweet and nice and cute towards her boyfriend. Her boyfriend will get every other guy.jealous and want a Spencer for themselves. Shes a heart-breaker, that's for sure, but when shes dedicated to you she's all in for you. She'd do anything. She is truly amazing, and her looks are just a bonus. Holding hands with her & making long eye contact with her will give you butterflies for days. Kissing will give you probably the best feeling you could ever imagine, or better. Plus she is a pretty great kisser, just a bonus;)

But, her hugs are warm and comforting, he is honestly the best thing a guy could ask for to enter into his life.
Spencer is lit
by spencer colson May 20, 2018
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A male posessing BAMF-like qualities, also very good looking.
Damn, you see that Spencer? Him and Bovice just got shot and are still standing!
by The BAMF from Banff April 19, 2008
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Greatest fuckin' store in the known world. Carries sex toys, dirty t-shirts/keychains/stickers, jewelery, Happy Bunny, South Park, Simpsons, Family Guy etc.
Ask us, we'll probably teach you how to properly use a whip!
White Boy: Yo bra, let's check out Spencers yo!
Spencers Bee-yotch: Hey, guy, your hat is on backwards.
You're...you're white.
by Ivanna Tinkle June 18, 2005
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Urban slang for a pimp, or ladies man.Owner of a large penis. Known for drinking abilities and masterful guitar skills. A virtuoso in video games and electronics. Known for his friendship making skills and other social oddities.
"Dude you're so cool, you're such a spencer!"
by Senior Awesome January 16, 2008
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Spencer: One weird ass kid with some cool ass eye brows. He's a good friend and can crack some dank jokes. Everybody loves this guy and loves to roast this guy. He's an all around home boy, who's name sounds like splinter.
A: What's that kid doing humping a water Mellon?
B: eh nobody knows. He's such a Spencer.
by Mindfuck111 March 13, 2016
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an amazing man with crystal blue-grayish eyes. any girl would be lucky to have him because he's great boyfriend material. I love him. with all my heart save the date 1-26-12.
me: "today was jut horrible ):"
spencer: "but no matter what your beautiful"

me: awwh.
by nrhs November 10, 2013
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A kickass guy who is sweet at water skiing. They have many skill sets from black belt karate to taking your girl. They are usually not fond of thots and tells them to be gone.
Hey are you a Spencer Clark, you must be, look at you!
by Kong Rider March 21, 2018
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