A fucking savage. This dude is a literal beast that destroys pussy like it’s a crayon. If you know a Spencer chances are you’ve wonder if his cock size. Don’t bother it’s big. He probably went down on your sister
Omg he’s such a Spencer!”
by Randomuser6669 February 27, 2018
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This sweet guy who always says whats on his mind. He isn't scared of anything. His favorite color is red or green. When he likes a girl he talks to her all the time to make her feel special. He has blonde hair and cute blue eyes. Best boyfriend in the world. He's handsome, smart, funny, adorable, cute, nice, sweet, amazing, awesome, and many more things. He has a great smile but doesn't like to take pictures. He is amazing at any sport that he puts his mind to. He is honestly the best person in the world!!
Girl:"My ex made me feel lesbian."
Spencer:"Hahahaha. Well your beautiful."
by BrittanyDemers December 30, 2011
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The most epicly uber, wonderful, compassionate, trustworthy, amazing, rofltastic,sexy, the person that makes my world spin on the earths axis point, so ya ^_^. Who i love and makes me the happiest girl alive <3
Abby: So your dateing spencer now?

Me: Yes spencer is the greatest guy ever he is rofltastic

Abby: Ahh lucky im so jealous

Me: mhm thats right
by sizisluved July 21, 2009
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An amazingly sweet girl. Very unique & outgoing, but doesn't liKe to show feelings to just anyone. She gets along with anyone & has her own sense of everything. She's very beautiful & is a best friend to anyone who needs one. If you ever meet a Spencer, hold on to her forever.
Brittany-" Look at that girl over there." Heidi-" She's beautiful." Brittany-" what a Spencer."
by that chickkkkkkk April 04, 2011
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Meaning Big Dick or the sexiest person ever, Gets a ton of Pussy, Fuck MILFS.
"Man thats so Spencer" "I wish I was Spencer"
by Player In A Managed Proffesion February 09, 2008
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A loaf of cornbread. Would rather play Fallout than lose his virginity.
Ethan : "hey my bwother Spencer is in the top 100 in pixel gun 3D

by 🅱oston Ross March 30, 2018
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a really sweet guy who really seems like a fuckboy but really isn't. he is very passionate but doesn't wish to show it, in spite of his popularity, he is the sweetest guy you'll ever know.
spencer was just being lovely ❤️
by crossroads middle school May 03, 2016
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