A bad ass! Don't fuck with her/him they will fuck you up! They are also hotties!
Don't fuck with spedding dude your gonna get fucked!!!
by Bunny_boo January 21, 2018
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1. One who attends special education classes.
2. The special education program.
3. An insult used when someone does something stupid.
1. "He is a sped."
2.a "She is in sped ed."
2.b "She is in sped."
3. "Darren you are such a sped."
by Dana M. October 24, 2003
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a derogatory term meaning retard. comes from the phrase special education

may also be used as sped sled, meaning the short little school buses all the special ed kids ride on
Oh my god, I'm such a sped. I just spelled my own name wrong.
by Ambs January 26, 2004
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Slang to describe a mentally retarded individual. (e.g. Special Ed)
She was masturbating with a hot-dog, and broke it off inside herself? What a sped!
by Mike H. April 22, 2004
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Updated definition: A term that combines the two words “special education”. It is typically used for oneself, or among friends as a joke, when they do something ridiculous or stupid.
Chloe Simone Bailey you are so sped.
by dumbfuckwhore May 3, 2020
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refers to a kid in special education (meaning they have a disability)

mostly used as a insult towards someone who did something stupid or is acting slow.
*teacher says directions*

brianna: what did she just say ?
sam: nigga ur a sped she just said them.
by dm(v) slang February 20, 2019
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The term sped is used for someone who is in the special education program.
by danamiche November 6, 2003
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