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To hide one (or more) bottles of the horrible english beer "Old Speckled Hen" in a friend's residence. When more than one bottle is being hidden it is customary to place one bottle in an obvious location, thus alerting the "victim" that they have been speckled and another bottle has been hidden more cleverly.
"While I was away visiting family in Ohio my friends were speckling me!"
by Rita247 December 05, 2011
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An elite fetish for those with great sphincter control whereby moist flatus is passed onto the face of the other participant resulting in a "speckled" effect.
She knelt there, hands tied to her feet waiting. He bends over in front of her and spreads his cheeks, forcing the fetid air out onto her awaiting face, the speckling had begun.
by getting_kinkafied November 23, 2008
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