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The act of two males rubbing penises together to simulate two sticks attempting to start a fire.
I have a serious blister from sparking with Arnold last night.
by Shaft12345 July 05, 2018
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The act of having or being subjected to an incredibly awkward crush; Similar to sparks trying to ignite a wet rag except there is no chemical reaction to start flames (desire)
You: "Dude, they were totally sparking on you!"

Me: "Yeah? well I piss on their teenage infatuation"
by Afireinrome October 03, 2010
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To release shells or rounds from the clip of a sidearm, automatic or semiautomatic weapon.
He unloaded a whole clip on that nigga after he started sparking the glock.
by BrklynsFynest April 08, 2006
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Formerly: an activity where one goes up to another in a parking lot while masturbating

ex: Hey, Jonathan, wanna go sparking at Walgreens and in a bunch of other counties after work?

Currently: one who is caught masturbating in front of minors and has to stay in location for 10 years without firearms (due to being a Felix) with constant government monitoring.
Hey bro, wanna go Sparking?

Nah, I like my super expensive firearms. Wouldn't wanna risk becoming a felon and losing those over masturbating to a 16 year old I've been stalking.
by Disgruntled_AF_EOD July 12, 2016
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A sexual inter counter where one achieves orgasm by moving against the leg of another person. Ex. Starting a fire.
Mille and me were sparking in the car last night
by White October 17, 2018
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