The act of two males rubbing penises together to simulate two sticks attempting to start a fire.
I have a serious blister from sparking with Arnold last night.
by Shaft12345 July 5, 2018
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Having relations which constitute an extra-marital affair, which may hold consequences such as a "really uncomfortable news conference".
South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford's sparking with his Argentine mistress.
by Initforthelulz July 10, 2009
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The act of having or being subjected to an incredibly awkward crush; Similar to sparks trying to ignite a wet rag except there is no chemical reaction to start flames (desire)
You: "Dude, they were totally sparking on you!"

Me: "Yeah? well I piss on their teenage infatuation"
by Afireinrome October 4, 2010
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A sexual inter counter where one achieves orgasm by moving against the leg of another person. Ex. Starting a fire.
Mille and me were sparking in the car last night
by White October 17, 2018
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Pronounced sp-a-rk-E. This is a person who plans events for a living and also loves to party. Sparke is a professional partier. This person is the life of the party whether attending a party or planing an event. Must always look fabulous and sparkled. It is a privilege to associate with a Sparke.

The E in SparkE stands for EvEnTs and EnErGy.
Time to spark this event up Sparke
This party is sparke-licious
Sparke is planning this event?
by sparkEsparkles November 21, 2010
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1. to knock someone out

2. to be in an ineriated state off drugs or/and alcohol
1. "The poor boy got sparked by the bouncer"

2. "He's had too much to drink, he's sparked"
by Mr T March 9, 2004
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The greatest drink ever. Red Bull and vodka already mixed together in a large 16oz can. Crack in a can. And it tastes like sweet tarts.
i just downed two sparks and now I'm WIRED!!!!!!
by Katie Hughes September 19, 2005
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