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1. to knock someone out

2. to be in an ineriated state off drugs or/and alcohol
1. "The poor boy got sparked by the bouncer"

2. "He's had too much to drink, he's sparked"
by Mr T March 09, 2004
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An excuse for breaking up with a girl you are tired of seeing, where you tell her that there just isn't that chemistry (spark) between the two of you.
Guy 1: "So how are things going with that girl you have been dating for a couple of months?"
Guy 2: "Oh I am done with her, I sparked her a couple of days ago....."
by Kyle Mc April 19, 2006
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being simultaneously under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, and ecstasy (MDMA).
Yo bro, I was so sparked last night that I tried to cut my hand off with a blow torch.
by jay coal June 06, 2018
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