1. to knock someone out

2. to be in an ineriated state off drugs or/and alcohol
1. "The poor boy got sparked by the bouncer"

2. "He's had too much to drink, he's sparked"
by Mr T March 09, 2004
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You or the event are not quite LIT... yet...
You are building your way up to being LIT. Or building up to an event that is LIT
Person 1: You LIT yet?
Person 2: Naw I’m just sparked

Person 1: Bruh this party is LIT!!
Person 2: I dunno seems kinda sparked right now.
by Zenraven13 August 26, 2018
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To be under the influence of good A1 powder to the point where you cant feel your face no more..
God damn my nigga im over here sparked of that soft..
by AYay Area- Motivation Boyz650W October 26, 2009
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An excuse for breaking up with a girl you are tired of seeing, where you tell her that there just isn't that chemistry (spark) between the two of you.
Guy 1: "So how are things going with that girl you have been dating for a couple of months?"
Guy 2: "Oh I am done with her, I sparked her a couple of days ago....."
by Kyle Mc April 19, 2006
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When a female (usually well under age) has been sexually abused by a male family member or relative.
Dude, what's with the girl next door with all the tats, seems like she has some skeletons in the closet?

Yeah, unfortunately, I think she's been sparked.
by Kick Box March 19, 2016
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When a fireman responds to the scene of a fire instead of first driving to his apparatus and responding with that vehicle.
The fire was half a block from my house, so I just sparked it there and helped the old lady get her children out of the first floor bedroom.
by one4k4 May 04, 2006
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Pronounced sp-a-rk-E. This is a person who plans events for a living and also loves to party. Sparke is a professional partier. This person is the life of the party whether attending a party or planing an event. Must always look fabulous and sparkled. It is a privilege to associate with a Sparke.

The E in SparkE stands for EvEnTs and EnErGy.
Time to spark this event up Sparke
This party is sparke-licious
Sparke is planning this event?
by sparkEsparkles November 20, 2010
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