A lowlife scum who thrives off making students miserable because they failed at their own life. Often will give you difficult tests for the sole purpose of moving your grade down. Extremely inconsiderate and rude, and nobody loves them.
Kate: Hey Susan, isn’t your son a Spanish Teacher?

Susan: Yes, but he isn’t my son anymore because I disowned that sorry sack of shit.
by goldnugget December 20, 2019
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A teacher who uses cringey songs just to make you learn how to spell "book" in Spanish. Also, he spends his spare time learning songs that they expect students to like. In addition, they give you headaches.
Hey, you remember that annoying Spanish teacher? I hear he still uses that annoying Rockalingua website just to teach those 6 Grade kids how to write a few words.

Ugh, I remember when he used that website just to show us how to write stuff in our room.
by RandoGuyOnTheInternet April 12, 2021
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fucking idiots trying to teach you a different language that you're never gonna use.
The Spanish Teacher is stupid.
by The_King_Of_New_York January 25, 2019
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An insane person who should never be around children and probably can’t speak English
Omg my Spanish teacher gave me a detention again
Friend: for what?
I don’t even know all she said was skdjfhhfnrj and gave me a note to give to the office
by FishFace 826462929 September 22, 2019
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no one's gonna be reading dis in future ik im just bored :bbb

That teacher who never ever talks english and when she speaks,gringos (one of the few words I know in spanish or I dont even know if it is in spanish) just can understand sjdwdwkncdnedc :))))))))) hola amigos como estan (hi dudes ho r u doing :b) adios amigos no se mucho mas uwu no se hacer lo
Me: fck spanish teacher nag me again
She: omg why??!
Me: IDK i just said pinchegringo ;^;
by imaestheticotakualtluna:3 March 24, 2021
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1. adj. clueless
2. n. one who teaches imaginary ideas
3. n. the only teaching position open to past special ed. students
by COTT PETERSON February 26, 2005
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