Super ugly people who have gone crazy and resorted to their last hope to find a job and should all be fired because there isnt a good one out there. At all. Period. except for Mrs. My Husband Beats Me who we love very much.
"Ewww, Kathryn, I hate mrs. 'I need a makeover desperately'," exclaimed Mollie.

"Oh I totally know what you mean Mollie. Except, I'm quit fond of Mrs. My Husband Beats Me," replied Kathryn.

"But of course!" said Mollie.

"You mean, Por Supuesto!" replied Kathryn.
by Mollie and Kathryn May 27, 2004
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noun: a person who preaches the teachings of a Johnny Spanish. All spanish was written back in the day when Johnny Spanish decided to put his thoughts on paper. Johnny Spanish is the guy that deserves the blame for all of the messed up irregular verbs and in fact Johnny Spanish is the creator of the spanish language.

Also see Spanish Teacher and Fish Taco
Class, I do not know why the future tense verb stems are messed up like that. As your Spanish teacher, I must teach you the truth. The verbs are messed up because when Johnny Spanish decided to write the Spanish language, he wanted them that way. That Johnny Spanish....
by Michael Weber October 11, 2005
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A legit psychopath who has done at least one of these things: barks at you, threatens you, has a criminal record, or is going through a mid-life crisis.
My female spanish teacher, Profe, finna throw me out of a ventana.
by lafantasma October 11, 2019
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