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A boring person who nobody knows about. "Frigidissima" means the Coldest in Latin. They stream on Twitch which seem kind of lame.
Person 1: Bro I heard Frigidissima is Streaming today on Twitch
Person 2: Who is Frick-a-dis-am-i?
Person 3: It's pronounced Frigidissima.
by AsiaWillRule December 11, 2019
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Its drinkable gladly
I drank water. I survived
by AsiaWillRule May 13, 2019
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A clef that is irrelevant because it is only played by the viola.
Person 1: hey I play the viola that uses an alto clef
Person 2: what is a viola
by AsiaWillRule February 12, 2020
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Sad. Disappoint. Pewnews well james Charles will lose in about 1 month. Pewdiepie made a yeet video about him. As well as keemstar. Drama lol
Wow. James Charles is going to lose

Bye sisters
by AsiaWillRule May 13, 2019
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