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Bro: Wassup dawg
Other bro: I'm Cool, you?
Bro: you know bro. Im off to give my gf some sausage
Other bro: No Spang yow
by Timmeh27 July 8, 2008
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1) The sound of someone being hit in the face, or over the head, with a shovel. Onomatapoeic.

2) The act of doing this - hence spanging, spanged, spanger.
"'E was like, "Your bird's a right munter!", but I've got me shovel 'andy, so I goes SPANG! Right in the chops. Wicked."
by Him. July 2, 2004
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A kind of ringing, clashing noise made by hitting metal objects.
I hit this guy with a frying pan. It went SPANG!
by Rankin June 15, 2004
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To collect spare change, either from couches, passerbys on the street or any numerous other ways and means
Jimmy doesn't have enough money for the show, he will have to spange.
by Mattricio January 2, 2003
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how i make my living
"top of the morning to you, skum. hey, lets go spange for some beer.."
by gutter girl September 27, 2004
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