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To wake up in the morning with a huge amount of Facebook notifications and finding out that one person has 'liked' every comment you made the previous day.
I have just been Spaffed
I am getting a Spaffing as we speak
by Jelly Pumpernickel October 04, 2012
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A term for masturbation made popular by E4 comedy 'The Inbetweeners.'
(Reading a self-penned valentine's card) "Jay, you massive stud, please spaff on my tits. From your valentine's bitch. PS. And on my face."
by Choadalay-dee-heeee January 09, 2013
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To ejaculate, usually into or onto something (more than likely an innanimate object)
Id love to spaff in that kettle.

Ill happily spaff on that bints toast.
by Big-OH January 23, 2009
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A Goof, a Gaff, and a Laff that are brought together through powerful otherworldly means, creating a Spaff.
Jake: "Watching Zarna accuse Hugh Mungous of harassment and getting shut down was such a spaff!"
Logan: "Totally bro!"
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by BagelBeater July 14, 2017
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1. (n.) Sperm

2. (v.) to Sperm

3. (v.) to fuck up
1. I find bounty to be the only truly effective method of absorbing my spaff.

2. Oh my god, I'm so sorry but I've spaffed in your otherwise delicious macaroni cheese.

3. You've proper spaffed that up. Boyo.
by Thos October 02, 2004
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