An old Irish term meaning good friend or Brother.
"Wats up boyo." or "Hey boyo wheres the fight."
by C-Wade November 9, 2007
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A slang word word used by Mr. Krabs in the animated show, "Spongebob Squarepants," to reference the title character Spongebob or his pink mate Patrick.
"Don't go near those hooks me boyo."
by Northern Southerner November 30, 2016
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Boyo is a word used to describe your mates, similar to pals or fellas.

It is often used to take the piss and when the end of the word is more exaggerated eg "boYO" it can show a sense of dominance from the person speaking the word.

"Boyo" has evolved into a cult following in South Africa as it can be seen as a satirical word, mocking the lives of rich young white South Africans who feel entitled.

This word is legendary and will always be a part of Urban slang.
"Whats up Boyo, looks like your lady is cheating on you"
"Times up Boyo, think you need to get a cab home"
by John Rhino November 12, 2015
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An endearing term used to refer to (young) men searching for the meaning of life through the works of Jung, Freud, Nietzsche and other such psychologists/philosophers.

Additionally, a boyo is one who wakes up at 4am and cleans their room - in essence, one who ‘gets after it.’
"I learnt a lot about ol’ Jung from that boyo Jimmy"

"Me and the other boyos often argue who is better, Freud or Jung"
by The_Babadook April 28, 2021
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another word for a male friend; a bastardization of boy.
Me: Hey, BOYO, what the haps, man?
Friend: Nada, absolutely nada.
by Cherry Nelsonic May 23, 2005
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I've recently read 'Angela's Ashes' a autobiography or memoir written by Frank McCourt and Irish author. Within said book is a sex scene in which Frank takes off all his clothes and gets and erection, his partner looks at him and says "Lord, you might be a scrawny bit of a fellow but that's a fine boyo you have there". This leads me to believe that in the 1930's in Ireland, more specifically Limerick Boyo was a slang term for a penis.
That's a fine boyo you have there
by Timothy Dangleboxers May 29, 2008
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