The Canadian equivalent of the american term, punk. A word used in the Canadian prison system to describe informers, molestors, child killers and all inmates segregated from the general population in protective custody. In a looser sense, anyone who has become hated by the prison population in general for suspect behaviour, or irritating behaviour may be thought of as a goof.

To be called a goof, espescially if not true must be met by instant violence or you will lose all respect formerly given to you. If this isn't done, or you are incapable of defending yourself you may as well "check in." (ask to be moved to P.C., protective custody)
" You'd better check in dude, that guy called you a goof and you didn't answer." "That was a big mistake, even if you had ended up taking a beating it would have been better than doing your bit in p.c. with all those goof rats, skinners and kiddy diddlers." "Oh yeah, by the way, don't talk to me anymore. I don't want to be seen talking to a goof from p.c."
by zigzzagz October 28, 2012
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A Canadian term that originated in the jails across the country for sex offenders/Child molesters. These people were put on their own wing away from general population because they’re widely disliked by everyone who isn’t in there for sex crimes, and even some of those guys don’t like each other.

Not a very friendly word to anyone who has served time, but for anybody else that hasn’t been in the system themselves or doesn’t know a lot about it or know anyone who’s been, the word is a popular term that is simply The equivalent to the word “punk”... just watch out who you call a goof because a lot of people (especially older generations) will NOT take it lightly
Prisoner 1: you see that guy he just got on the range today, I think he might be a goof
Prisoner 2: I really hope not or I’ll have to give him a buck-fifty in the shower


Kid 1: Gerald been wilin’ and doing goofy shit all summer
Kid 2: that mans been a goof
by Hennessy021 September 24, 2019
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Noun, Singular;

1. someone who is loveable in a funny, silly way.

2. Chaplinesque
Everyone at home called him goofs, and he loved it.
by Kapu Dada June 10, 2013
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Term used by Canadians, mostly those associated with Canadian Inmates or Convicts, in reference to Narcs, Rats, people known for crimes against children ( Child Molesters, Child Abusers, Pedophiles). These people are often found in P.C (or Protective Custody) when serving a jail sentence because people in the General Population can not find any way to trust a Narc nor do they condone such behaviors and heinous crimes against nature. To be a 'Goof' is to be THE LOWEST form of 'human' and most are not perceived as such, which is why most often it does not weigh on one's conscience to "get rid of" a goof.

If a person is called a Goof the expected protocol is to react with physical violence. If said person is defeated in said physical dispute, it does not mean they are in fact a 'Goof', because their actions were in self defense and that person loses no respect. If the person does NOT react in a physically violent manner, they lose all respect and their character comes under serious question and they run the risk of being exiled or alienated from all those who once associated with them
Dude said he wasn't a Goof, but he went straight to P.C...
by RebelFelon613 July 18, 2020
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acronym used as insult or challenge to defend one's honor, especially in the correctional system. Get Out Or Fight. Used derogatory against, pedophiles, skinners, rapists, rats, police, guards & those of questionable character or reputation
Hey GOOF, I think you need to check off the unit, we don't do time with skinners!
by Sling Slanger November 21, 2014
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Goof is a street definition, for an individul that cannot be trusted, and his/her word means nothing. A Goof lacks solidarity, integrity, loyality and honour. A goof at any given time will cut your throat and sell you out to serve himself.
That Mark guy is a goof and can't be trusted. Mark is a rat fink goof, for he told the cops that I was involved in a crime.
by Hardcoreandcool December 24, 2005
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The Manjur is a musical instrument used in the Arab states of the Persian Gulf but with East African origins. It is made of Goofs attached to a cloth. It is performed by tying the instrument around the waist. The performer shakes his or her hip to create a rattle sound when the goofs collide with each other. FACT.

goat, hoof, manjur, dirty arab, persian, african, musical instrument
by Perraldite March 18, 2009
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