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Is an Italian surname, a direct translation "unsheathed sword"
Josh Spadafora, Paul Spadafora, Steve Spadafora, Mark Spadafora, Cara Spadafora, Dom Spadafora, Hugo Spadafora.
by Arofadaps November 16, 2007
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a family in Malden, Massachusetts that owns a bunch of businesses. They set their way through life by being able to pay for their own food, parties, cars/car repair and even funerals with all the money going to their family.
I want to go out to eat, let's go to Anthony's, the restaurant the Spadafora's own.

I need some flowers and balloons, let's go to Spadafora's.

The funeral is at Spadafora's.

I brought my car to Spadafora's to get fixed.
by whoaayeaaah123 December 19, 2009
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An Italian name for something interseting. Don't know what it means, but wouldn't you like to own a Spadafora? Sounds Cool.
I was cruisin'in my Spadafora yesterday.
by T-Boy August 05, 2004
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