The act of being outlandish.

See kooky or ludicrous.
Wow, pulled a pretty sowers move back there.
by Tre' S. June 13, 2008
Landon is a one in a kind boy who is a horny virgin who always calls people thicc and is known to eat the booty of his victims like groceries.
Landon Sowers is a very odd person because he eats his victims booties.
by Scarypickle May 30, 2019
The Grim Sower moved with stealth, planting the invisible seeds of sickness in preparation for his more-famous friend, The Grim Reaper, to finish the job.
by Monkey's Dad March 26, 2020
Guy #1:Dude I was at the my Grandmothers funeral and and i wanted to start doing the Sowers

Guy #2:Man that is sick
by xIRON HORSEMANx December 9, 2010
the art of a female pursuing a male interest through a mannerism of subtlety "planting the seeds" thereby attaining the affection of the desired male.

this happens when the the role of 'gary groundwork' is reversed.
Mary spent the entire night trying to impress John and although to begin with John was distant, her persistence drew him towards her as he soon fell into her trap.
Mary put her sally the seed sower skills to the test and was rewarded.

gary groundwork
by b_evans2.0 March 19, 2013
When your nipples are erect to the point of a shirt rip.

Often seen in male gym teachers
by Nipple watcher9000 April 4, 2019
logan, the bestest friend in the whole wide world. The friend you can share your favorite songs with and blast them during car rides. Someone who appreciates the things you like and never makes you feel bad about being a butthead. A fantastic artist and tis very intelligent. Very good at taking photos, painting, gives good hugs, and pets love him. Perfect guy to bring home to your family, and explain how he’s your bestie that you plan to marry in 15 years. he’s your boy friend and even though there’s a space between the two you’ll always be closer to him than your boyfriend.
You can tell that’s Logan Sowers because he’s way cooler than that liam guy!
by nina123456678 November 22, 2021