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A nickname for someone who excells in contact sports,
Danny: Hey why do they call you Sova?

Sova: Cause when i hit you its sova

Danny:......*walks away*
by laxman16 July 13, 2009
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southern Virginia.

soVa keeps up Virginia's reputation of a sweet ass state. By excluding noVA (norther Virginia), Virginia is able to sustain its prestige that has existen since the first landing in 1607. While western Virginia and central Virginia are not very important, soVa is represented by the tidewater region bordering North Carolina. Most notably are the beach kids from Virginia Beach that keep it real with the surf culture. Virginia Beach hosts the East Coast Surfing Championship every year, the largest surfing competition on the entire East Coast. soVa specifically destinguishes itself from noVa because noVa kids are stuck up riches that pretend to be fly becuase they flaunt their money. In actuallity, the entire state of Virginia dislikes noVa but cannot get rid of it due to the proximity to Washington D.C. soVa has a completely different life style from the rest of Virginia. It encompases the entire chesapeake bay region and the Atlantic ocean and flurishes in population due to Virginia Beach and Norfolks' navy base, the largest in the entire world. It keeps it real with the chill beach scene and has produced many major artists (Pharrell Williams, Timbaland, Missy Elliot). In other words, if you meet a soVa kid - that is one ballin mother fucker.
example one:
"Hey who is that girl over there? She is mad fly!!"
"She's from soVa"
"Man I thought so!"

example two:
"Dude that kid is such a douch bag"
"I know man, bitch is not from around here"
"Im saying, he needs to go back to noVa"
by vbballin March 13, 2008
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Southern Virginia. Basically, the less nice part of Virginia. Home to high unemployment, teen pregnancy, STD, Bush approval, and stupidity rates. There's really nothing here, except for trailer parks, McDonalds's, and tobacco farms. The worst town in SoVA is Danville, by far.
NoVA Person: "Hello!"
SoVA Person: "Howdy! Who da hell are you!"
NoVA Person: "I am from Northern Virginia, polite sir!"
SoVA Person: "DAMN YANKEE! Get yer Kerry-lovin' ass offa my tobacky field! *spits*"
by StuckInHell January 12, 2005
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"SOVA" stands for "Save Our Voice Actors"

A cult of fanatical worshipers of the 4Kids production of the Pokemon anime.
They consider 4Kids to be sacred and the 4Kids voice cast to be deities.

They have spent the last three years trolling the Pokemon anime on various fansites, harassing the cast members and the companies behind the show, even threatening violence and acts of terrorism. They are responsible for inciting many flamewars in the Pokemon fandom and have been essentially exiled for their fanatical antics. No respectable or reasonable fan of Pokemon wants anything to do with SOVA.

They can be seen most actively on YouTube where they make low-quality AMVs, and crappy fandubs heaping praise upon the 4Kids cast, and demonizing the current cast. They will also vote down, and toll the comments of various clips of the Pokemon anime from seasons 9 onwards.

All this is in an attempt to draw new members into their cult to keep their insane campaign of trolling, harassing, and general fanaticism.

The sad truth behind this is, that SOVA was started on a lie told by the members of the 4Kids cast, whom covered up the fact that they have contractual obligations to 4Kids, and could not break the non-compete clause in their contracts without being blacklisted from all future work at 4Kids.

Even after learning these facts, SOVA dismissed them as lies and continued on their crusade.

Now, after three years, the group is fractured and desperate in their efforts. All that remains is the SOVA fundamentalists, who see nothing as too extreme. They have even made efforts exploiting the recent passing of Madeleine Blaustein as a recruiting tool and motivator.

SOVA is a group that will continue on this blind rampage until it collapses on itself.
Oh no, not this SOVA crap again, SOVA Talk is banned!
by TruthSayer1 January 23, 2009
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An abbreviation for "Southern Virginia". Most refer to the Hampton Roads area encompassing the lower Tidewater regions as SoVa. In actuality, SoVA includes regions in Virginia south of Richmond, regardless of east or west direction. SoVA is characterized by high unemployment, poor education, abundant crime, and prime natural disaster territory. It has little creativity due to Northern Virginia previously coining "NoVA" to reference their own area. SoVA is jealous of NoVA’s proximity to bordering Washington, D.C., its affluent status, top-rated schools, extensive transportation networks, etc. For every state tax dollar NoVA residents send to Richmond, only 25 cents return for improvements while SoVA uses the remainder of the money to restore extensive slums that depict urban decay. The most populous cities in the state are in SoVA: Virginia Beach (438,000) and Norfolk (243,000). These independent cities hold more land than most other entire counties. Fairfax County in NoVA has 1,081,000 residents within 407 sq mi. Virginia Beach is a whopping 497.3 sq mi. Under Virginia's State Constitution, when a region incorporates itself as a city, it must be independent from a county. If Fairfax County obtains city status the way former Princess Anne County converted to the City of Virginia Beach, it would stand as the fourth most populous city in the United States. Richmond prevents this because NoVA could make more of its own decisions, allowing later separation from the state.
Foriegn European Tourist: Excuse me, I've noticed that we've landed at an airport in a random area in Virginia to transfer on my way to Washington, D.C.? I was under the impression that I would be flying straight to Washington Dulles International Airport in Northern Virginia.
Flight Attendant: Why would you want to tour D.C. when we here in SoVA have such a large tourism industry?
Foreign European Tourist: Uhhh... SoVA? Where's that? No one I have ever spoken to tours here when there are much nicer coastal areas in the United States and back in Europe. Can you please just help me get to my hotel in Arlington, Virginia up in NoVA as quickly as possible?
Flight Attendant: Well why would you choose to stay in NoVA while touring the capital? Why not just stay in D.C.? We down in SoVA absolutely despise Northern Virginia for no reason except for the fact that we are secretly jealous but won't admit it.
Foriegn European Tourist: Northern Virginia's close proximity to D.C. allows me to experience all the perks of the USA's capital while also allowing me to stay in the most affluent area in the country and relate to locals from that area that have as much class and sophistication as me and a similar, more cultured and educated mindset such as myself.
by NoVA B!tch July 22, 2011
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