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"SOVA" stands for "Save Our Voice Actors"

A cult of fanatical worshipers of the 4Kids production of the Pokemon anime.
They consider 4Kids to be sacred and the 4Kids voice cast to be deities.

They have spent the last three years trolling the Pokemon anime on various fansites, harassing the cast members and the companies behind the show, even threatening violence and acts of terrorism. They are responsible for inciting many flamewars in the Pokemon fandom and have been essentially exiled for their fanatical antics. No respectable or reasonable fan of Pokemon wants anything to do with SOVA.

They can be seen most actively on YouTube where they make low-quality AMVs, and crappy fandubs heaping praise upon the 4Kids cast, and demonizing the current cast. They will also vote down, and toll the comments of various clips of the Pokemon anime from seasons 9 onwards.

All this is in an attempt to draw new members into their cult to keep their insane campaign of trolling, harassing, and general fanaticism.

The sad truth behind this is, that SOVA was started on a lie told by the members of the 4Kids cast, whom covered up the fact that they have contractual obligations to 4Kids, and could not break the non-compete clause in their contracts without being blacklisted from all future work at 4Kids.

Even after learning these facts, SOVA dismissed them as lies and continued on their crusade.

Now, after three years, the group is fractured and desperate in their efforts. All that remains is the SOVA fundamentalists, who see nothing as too extreme. They have even made efforts exploiting the recent passing of Madeleine Blaustein as a recruiting tool and motivator.

SOVA is a group that will continue on this blind rampage until it collapses on itself.
Oh no, not this SOVA crap again, SOVA Talk is banned!
by TruthSayer1 January 23, 2009
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