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An unbelievably hot dutch person.
OMG! You are hot, but you're not Thijs.
by Jo Jo September 09, 2004

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The most hypocrtical and narrow minded religion in the United States, and possibly the world. Not only is it bad enough they are Protestant, they bash everyone who is not of their church and condemn everybody to hell, including Gays, non Christians, and even other Christians like Roman Catholics and Greek/Russian Orthodox members. They are in company with the likes of Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson--they are the epitome of hypocrisy.
Jerry Falwell said 9/11 was America's fault because of gays.
by Jo Jo February 03, 2005

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Turkish soccer club from Istanbul. One of Turkey's so-called "big three," along with Galatasaray and Fenerbahce.

Pronounced Beh-sheek-tash.
The Besiktas fans all brought kebab knives to the match
by jo jo December 01, 2004

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Protestant heretic

1. 16th century religious adhereing bitches, also known as heretics, bible thumpers, fundementalists.

2. A split off of Catholicism, which disregards Catholic teaching that was used before the bible was compiled togethar at the Synod of Hippo in 393 AD. The Catholics realize you don't just throw out 200+ years of teaching taught by Christ and the Early Church fathers now that you have a book, so that is why their religion is much more sensible and intelligent.
Protestant Usually associated with the KKK and the Masons, known for hating Jews, Gays, Catholics, Orthodoxes, and anyone else who is not a member of their church.
by Jo Jo November 28, 2004

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prosaic rumination on the saline marinity of the female oubliette
fo shizzle my nizzle i aint gonna eat dat filthdirtblurt
by Jo Jo June 05, 2003

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To imply disbelief or distrust. Not taking one serious. Also known as "really," but pronounced rel-a...which gives it that extra sarcasm.
Rel'ay...you're actually the president.
by Jo Jo November 10, 2003

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shortened version of "fu manchu" , refering to a specific type of moustache that is gay.
that guy has a fu.
by jo jo February 21, 2003

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