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A term used by George W. Bush when he actually had meant to say "Internet":

While it's true that there exists an Internet2, there is no plausible reason to believe that Bush was referring to it, because I have no reason to believe that he is sufficiently technologically literate to be aware of its accidents and (more importantly), Internet2 is used solely as a network with which academic institutions transfer files at extremely high speeds and would therefore not have information about Bush's alleged millitary service foul play.
On the, on the internets
by CommieCowboy August 09, 2005

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The Southern Baptist Convention is a far-right, White Supremacist cult founded in the 1830s for the sole purpose of defending human (specifically African-American) slavery.

While it claims to to be based on the Word of God and has trappings of Christianity, the truth of is far more sinister: The Southern Baptist Convention is a tool of the saee Anti-Christ whose machinations are responsible for corrupting our world with fascism, Stalinism, ceand Naziism.

Its creators were Southern slaveowners and their braindead sympathisers, who cried like spoiled children because the humanitarian and progressive northerners would not fund pro-slavery congregation, pay slave-owning ministers, or support pro-slavery missionary activity.

Northerners, progressive Southerners, and African-American southerners continue to serve our Lord and Saviour as the American Baptist Convention, while Southern Baptists have gone on to stand up for racial segregation, homophobia, misogyny, theocracy, and reactionary nationalism. Through the control of the Republican Party and the DLC (both of which they share with corporate interests), Southern Baptists continue to inflict hate, pain, and suffering upon America and upon the world.
Jerry Falwell, a prominent hatemonger affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention, supported racial segregation until it became so politically unacceptable to do so that his career hand his ability to defraud people by exploiting their faith would have been ruined. Likewise, both Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell have used their disgusting faith as excuses to launch tirades against social liberals, women, homosexuals, the working classes, and religious minorities.
by CommieCowboy February 20, 2006

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