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Saee is the sweetest person ever. She is smart, funny and loud.She is really stubborn.She genuinely has the most beautiful eyes. She puts everybody before herself whether they desverve it or not. Saee is one of the most loyal friends you can ever have. The best friend to go to if u need help. Saee can keep any relationship strong. She will always be there for you through thin and thick. If u know a Saee or if your friends with a Saee...consider yourself lucky to have someone that will care for you and someone that will always be there for you.
I wish i can meet a girl like Saee one day
by polbusi12 September 28, 2018
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Tends to be open to the ones she does not know well or not at all then the ones she knows from years.
I dont know her still she told me her secrets, what a saee
by Niranjini February 26, 2017
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Very cute and sexy guy that girls end up kissing on. They are very freaky in some ways which girls like genusily. Also girls seems to love very much.
Girl 1:" oh my god girl saee."
Girl 2: " yes girl."
by Jayla brown December 23, 2016
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Saee is a female friend.She is truly blessed with amazing eyes and personality.She loves animals with all her heart.Saee’s are very kind, creative, organized,funny and up to date’s style person.
Whoa check out Saee’s eyes
by polbusi12 September 27, 2018
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