If you live in Dunnett road or in Langleigh please just STFU your opinion is innvalid This place is full off teenager nitbags who hang around the premier shops
by Bbaldilocks28 February 11, 2021
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An area of Plymouth Devon, which is often confused for Safeway (the superstore) because of heavy Janner accents. Mostly hills and hicks. Aviod it if possible.
I live in safeway near the airport. No, safeway.
by Matt October 19, 2004
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A school where teachers actually care about you. where your allowed to go to the toilet if asked. Southway is a example of how schools should be . Just wait till you past year 6 and have to go to the neighbouring secondary school ( the Regis school) the Regis school is an example on how schools shouldn’t be a place where your rights are banished.
If your a teacher at southway reading this thank you I learnt some important life lessons there but I’m in secondary and have been for a while it’s a change and it’s self destructing the school is like a prison with a life sentence. Southway primary school
by Theregisschool December 18, 2020
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