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Originally old Cornish for 'one who lives by the sea' which pretty much includes everyone in Devon and Cornwall. It since has mutated into a perjorative term used by ignorant and ill informed non-natives (grockles and emmets). The term now almost exclusively applies to the inhabitants of Plymouth largely as they are still unafraid to use the term to describe themselves. I would like to take the time to point out that contrary to some contributions, Plymothians (as the English would prefer) or Janners are not synonymous with the inhabitants of Swilly. Most of these poor unfortunates are a sub-species of Human, let alone Janner. And a blight on that fair City.
Looking at the statue of Francis Drake on The Hoe makes me proud to be a Janner.
by Buddah Dave November 05, 2010
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I believe the above have been mistaking 'janners' for swillys the sub-chav species of moronic, burberry wearing, arses that parade our streets and give all us Plymouthian inhabitants a bad name.

Now, a janner, as will be correctly stated by one who was born and lives here, is a term used by most outsiders to describe the people who live in Plymouth, Devon.

Not to be mistaken for a swilly which is actually a sub-species here and should be wiped out very quickly. For further infomation on these rodents see chav.
Swilly: Ere bey! You startin! I'm gonna ave ya, ya Goff twat.

Normal Janner: Fuck off.....(runs away)
by Jamo January 08, 2005
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A word often misused to describe a Plymouth resident or a chav from Plymouth, "Janner" is actually used through out Devon and Cornwall, normally to refer to farmers or people from local families with thick Westcountry accents and traditional outlooks - comparable with the American "Hilly billy" or "Redneck".

The word is rumoured to derive from the fact that many locals are called John, but when asked their name will say "Moi namez Jaaan"

Whilst Janner is a blanket term to refer to anybody with strong local origins, a farmer can also be called a "Bez"

There is a simple test to see whether or not someone is a Janner - ask the the name of a small castle town on the Devon / Cornwall border. A non Janner will say "Launceston", while the true Janner will reply "Laanson".
"Has youz met ol' Jan Smith fram Oke'ampton way? Ez a roit ol' janner"

"An old Janner just drove past in his muckspreader, and now I'm covered in cow shit"
by Robert Roberts October 06, 2007
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As well as the other meanings of the word janner, 'janner' can also refer to the dialect of English spoken in Plymouth. As well as pluralising everything, anything that ends in an -le sound is pronounce -oe. Anything with a hard 'u' in it (such as the f-word) is pronounced as an o (f*ck becomes 'fock' for example)
'Ere ya focking cont I'm goin Dingoes to buy a focking doeby digitoe stereo' roughly translates to 'Hello there mate. I'm going to Dingles to buy a Dolby Digital stereo'.
by Dr Weaver March 02, 2005
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Janner is a term for the in-bred, sub-moronic locals of Plymouth, UK. They tend to favour Burberry knockoffs, too many sovvies on their fingers and add an "S" to the end of everything. Drag racing down Royal Parade while getting a blow-job from their over-bleached, underage girlfriend is a favourite pastime.
"I's goin down Plymcos to gets me Lotteries, then we's going Millenniums". Translation: "I am taking a jaunt to the local supermarket to purchase my tickets for the Natioanl Lottery, before I and my friends enjoy a night out at Plymouth's premier nightspot, the Millennium Complex."

"He's a loud-mouthed Janner bastard".
by Incurious October 31, 2003
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A Janner is someone who comes from Plymouth in England. Since most Americans were sent from Plymouth they could be seen as Janners although they donot have the Janner accent.
Janner accent. Reet buy. Are got escort wiv fat wheel an at.
by sim July 18, 2003
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Heys i'm a janner but i'm not a chav it's like the janner's the accent not the type of person ur gettin us mixed up with swills. Swills r a section of the Janners and swills suck ass , i hate swills so bad innit! Like well offended peeps mite be confusing me with a swill *shocked*
I live in plymouth but not in swilly therefore i aint a chav, i just torks like a faRmer sum'imes ~ hehe
by Me! February 12, 2005
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