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Just because you're white(raced) doesn't meen that you're not truely South African!!( For those idiots out their in other countries,yes, their are white,asian and even arabs in South Africa. South Africa doesn't excist of only primative black people) Being South African doesn't meen driving a pick-up ("bakkie") or having to hunt for a meal. We have shopping malls and (i know it might be a shock to some people out their- sarcastic)even cars. We don't run around in loin cloths with sharp sticks, hunting lions or elephants.

Being South African, meens being born in S.A. Neither of your parents have to be South African for you to become one. So what if your ansetors were Dutch or Scotish.
Being South African, being a white and not being racsist.
Being proud when you sing Nkosi Sikaleli i'Africa and when you believe in the countries growth.
by Marlo Neethling August 13, 2006
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A racist white person from the arse of the continent Africa. You can count yourself as a 'Seth efriken' if you have a lazy afrikaan accent, support segregation and hunt for food everyday. The spitting image song 'I've never met a nice south african' gives a good background of the nation.
South African 1: Moyte, wornna hunt gazzele toniyt?

South african 2: Sorry, oiwm beadting up sum blacks later own!
by Benno TD February 16, 2009
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